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THIS JUST IN: only thin people are allowed to have chronic pain or chronic illnesses. Fat people with disabilities will be magically cured by weight loss. More at 11.


a legend of zelda au where link and zelda accidentially unfreeze ganondorf from the tartar sauce and try to teach him how to be good with the tickle belt


Hacker Kitty!


Hacker Kitty!

But if you’ve made a friend through shared interest in Yu-Gi-Oh!, then I’m happy that I made this manga. That’s what brings me the most joy.
Kazuki Takahashi (via thepalebride)



What do teens like?!? Is it memes? Memes about skeletons? Piss? Communism?

this post is 20x funnier if you imagine a CEO shouting it at his board of directors

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Super Mario 64 ~ Wing Cap Theme

People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen | Pre-Fall ‘13